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Since childhood, I have had a penchant for the hunt. Weather scanning for the perfect skipping stone, a missing collection item, or intriguing natural abstractions to photograph. I love the act of searching. Collectanea combines my love of reading, libraries, and the search.


The project involves sifting through books in libraries for text that has been underlined by previous readers. By collecting these notations in their entirety without addition, subtraction, re-arrangement, or editing, I have excavated these fossilized poems.


The works are presented as simply as possible with book title, author, call number, and library where the book was found.

Xerox & Infinity
Zero Makes Me Hungry
Believing in Magic
The Diplomacy of the Russo-Japanese War
From Reverence to Rape
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man
When Pregnancy Fails
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places
Why Don't You Listen to what I'm not Saying
Where's the Rest of Me?
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