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Pharmacopoeia, 2002 - present

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Modern pharmacopoeia is the result of countless generations of accumulated knowledge. Ancient apothecary formulas were often well-guarded secrets and no doubt many early remedies have been forever lost. In various cultures throughout history, often only incantations or rituals were prescribed as treatments for physical, psychological, and spiritual ailments. Sometimes orations or tasks are needed in conjunction with potions to render them active. In all cultures, superstitions and taboos guide and limit the realm of medicine.


These remedies are recreations of actual cures from various cultures at various times throughout human history ranging from the fringes of early world history to present-day America. Each relies to some extent on sympathetic and/or mimetic magic.

Each work is in an edition of three.

Annointing Oil B99.JPG

Anointing oil #B-99, 2004

Olive oil, Old Spice Shaving Lotion, bottle, label, tape


Bituren, 2008

Diatomaceous earth, sulfate of copper, bottle label, tape

Bacteriostatic 0.5% Household Dust: Vacuum cleaner dust, water, bottle, label, tape

Bacteriostatic 0.5%, 2007

Household Dust: Vacuum cleaner dust, water, bottle, label, tape

Bokorian, 2020

Cane toad, pufferfish, jimson weed, bottle, label, tape

Cardall, 2020

Garlic, bottle, label, tape

Chryselectrum, 2020

Deadly nightshade, hemlock, henbane, wolfsbane, bottle label, tape

Effervel CY, 2005

Sargent's cypress, bottle, label, tape

Electrum Sucinum, 2020

Baltic amber, thread, cotton, steel, bottle, label, tape

Ermitilax, 2020

Blessed wax candle, holy water, bottles, label, tape

Hemostit, 2007

Brown paper, bottles, label, tape

Feingur, 2020

Inscribed dried cheese, wax, bottles, label, tape

Infaturol A/B, 2006

Druidic teas, printed recitations, bottles, label, tape

Liquidambar Styracifula, 2003

American Sweetgum, bottles, label, tape

Mannatol, 2007

Post-um, bottles, label, tape

6D Bright Nails, 2008

6D bright nails, bottles, label, tape

Plasmonis, 2007

Fourth book of the Iliad by Homer, mat board, polyvinyl bag, label, tape

Rugaquel, 2020

Elk hoof, bottle, label, tape

Supplocin, 2007

Monomorium Minimum, olive oil, bottle, label, tape

Verruphase, 2007

Great Northern Bean, bottle, label, tape

Paeonia Suffrticosa, 2008

Peony root, mat board, metal casing, polyvinyl bag, label, tape

Polychrepine, 2021

Homeopathic poison nut, sucrose, bottle, label, tape

Sotahtropin, 2020

Bitterroot, consecrated water, parchment inscribed with the ineffable name of God, temple soil, bottle, label, tape

Tempratin, 2020

Burnt bees, olive oil, willow, bottle, label, tape

Vibrofife, 2007

Bay-berry root bark, brandy, cayenne, gum myrrh, lobelia, poplar bark, bottle, label, tape

Berlin Wall, 2008

Fragments of the Berlin Wall, alcohol​, water, bottle, label, tape

Botract, 2004-07

Carbonized cancerous human remains, holly seeds, magnetic ore, bottle, label, tape

Ecatol, 2004

 Colocynth, frankincense, sweet beer, bottle, label, tape

Enduramide, 2020

Melissa Officinalis, potassium carbonate, water, bottle, label, tape

Ferromax, 2008

Iron flecks, olive oil, bottles, label, tape

Lachryma Filia (East), 2008

Alcohol, distilled water, tears of a young girl, bottles, label, tape

Mischepa Oil, 2020

Myrrh, fragrant cane, fragrant cinnamon, cassia, bottles, label, tape

Pheistic, 2004-07

Mallow, wine, vinegar, bottle, label, tape

Polyvalent Serpenticide, 2020

Alcohol, slug, holy water, bottle, label, tape

Succubin, 2006

Graveyard dirt, green paper, Valeriana Officinalis, bottle, label, tape

Tonsurnatio, 2020

Betonica Officinalis, water, bottle, label, tape

Vigomax, 2007

Grape Nuts, bottle, label, tape

Walnut, 2007

Raw walnuts, bottle, label, tape