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Daily Bread (Moncure Red), 2018

Antique Breadboard, Clay, Antique Fork

Scarlet "O": The Greatest Love Story of the 20th Century, 2018

Love Book Magazine, 1948

A dear friend and extraordinary painter, Kelly Leal, developed an exhibition seeded in a critique group of artists and writers that we used to belong to. The exhibition was held at Piante Gallery in Eureka, Ca., in 2018.  


Towards this exhibition, I collaborated with writer Amy Parker, whose literary tapestry Beasts and Children struck me as descriptively enchanting. The works I created are based on her superb short story Kingdom by the Sea. In reverse fashion, Parker wrote a work called Pica Ceremony Yokai based on two new works I created regarding concepts of geophagia and related practices that border on mythology.  

Amy Parker was awarded the prestigious 2018 Calvino Prize from the University of Louisville for this work.

Scarlet "O": Seventeen, 2018

Seventeen Magazine, September,1948

Contemporary art artist UNC Chapel Hill Durham Raleigh North Carolina RTP Conceptual Sculpture Drawing Painting Skeptic Mythology Belief Comparative beliefs religion cinematography movies timelines Golden Belt Ackland Nasher Duke North Carolina State NCCCA Wetherspoon Black Mountain Ashland Greensboro Winston Salem Eureka Humboldt Arcata Oakland California Mills College Humboldt State University College of the Redwoods  Casablanca

Dol/Oros, 2018

Cyclone A Egg Scale, Epoxy, Resin.

"Do, ...", 2018

Antique Deer Print, Ink.

Fuligo, 2018

Epoxy, Glass, Magnets, Oak, Soot, Teacup, Thread.

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