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Terra Nova  at the Gutter Box Gallery

Raleigh, NC.             April 7th -May 1st


Terra Nova is a singular environment imagined years ago and it's Genesis is as clear as any subjective and faded memory. It's an imaginary world of wonder that discovers itself.​

​"He understands that the world is not as he had always viewed it. And if it could be different one way, it could be different many ways."​

                                                          - Edwin Abbott, Flatland.

Contemporary art artist UNC Chapel Hill Durham Raleigh North Carolina RTP Conceptual Sculpture Drawing Painting Skeptic Mythology Belief Comparative beliefs religion cinematography movies timelines Golden Belt Ackland Nasher Duke North Carolina State NCCCA Wetherspoon Black Mountain Ashland Greensboro Winston Salem Eureka Humboldt Arcata Oakland California Mills College Humboldt State University College of the Redwoods  Casablanca

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