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Hypodermic, 2002

Hypodermic, 2002
Plastic, rubber, silver

9" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"



As a child of a paramedic, much of my childhood was spent at hospitals and in ambulances. On one particular trip to the emergency room where my mother worked, I witnessed her being inoculated via injection. By this time I had been fairly desensitized by my familiarity with hypodermic needles. What struck me as peculiar about this incidence, however, was that I had never seen anyone get an injection from a 2-ounce syringe before, much less one with a forked needle.


As with most experiences a child witnesses, I accepted the incident without question.


Contemplating this event as an adult I could not come to terms with this object which seemed to make no practical sense. Such a device would have inadequate structural integrity.


Upon inquiring as to this event, my mother claimed to have no recollection of it or knowledge of such a device. While doubtful, my own investigation as to whether such a device has ever existed is as yet unverified.

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