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Flying Belt, 2001

Flying Belt, 2001
Cork, dew, glass, leather, steel

28" x 18" x 13"



The tale from which this work is derived is an elusive one. References have been found associating it with Cyrano De Bergerac, Baron Von Munchausen, and Eilmer of Malmesbury. I am unclear from where the tale - fact or fiction- originates.


The Story is as follows:

During the middle ages there was a learned man sitting amongst a field at dawn. As the sun came up and shown upon the dewy blades of grass a seemingly peculiar thing occurred. The dew began to release itself from the grass and float upward. “What miracle do I see,” thought the man? Likely hypothesis; dew is a substance that when illuminated by sunlight, becomes lighter than air. He deduced that if he could fashion a belt affixed with bottles of dew, then he could use it to fly.

Flying Belt, Detail
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